One rope forms a circle on the left. Another rope forms a circle on the right. Both circles each have nine strings of different colors tied to them. The strings extend outward as if they were rays emanating from the circles. In the center of the image, a short red string connects the two circles.

Let's make media accessible together!

Como usar All4Access

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Siga las instrucciones a continuación para aprender a usar All4Access

    1. Descargue la aplicación All4Access desde App Store o Google Play Store.
    2. Reproduzca el programa en su televisor, computador, o cualquier otro dispositivo. 
    3. En la aplicación, seleccione "Inicio" y luego presione "Sincronizar" para empezar el proceso de sincronización.
    4. Una vez la aplicación esté sincronizada, escoja  el elemento de accesibilidad que desee utilizar.
    5. Disfrute la accesibilidad en su programa.

También puedes ver como funciona en este video tutorial accesible.

Why use All4Access

  • Are you producing assets such as captions, audio description, subtitles or SL- Sign Language for your media?
  • Are you under regulations to provide accessibility for your media content?
  • If someone else has already created accessibility assets that you need, would you be interested in using the same files to reduce costs?

All4Access is a universal clearinghouse of accessibility assets that facilitates its exchange while protecting the rights of media creators.
Store and share your accessibility assets in All4Access to streamline the touchpoints and allow you to reduce costs and maximize reach, potential and impact.

Let's make media accessible together!

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