Dark background. The image's right side is partially lighted up by a bright blue light. In the background, several icons are joined by white lines simulating an electronic circuit. Several icons float over it and represent a cloud, a mechanic arm, an artificial intelligence chip, etc. A hand on the left extends its index finger toward the floating icons.

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Why All4Access

Because EQUAL Access to Media is a MUST in today's media scenario.

Accessibility assets such as captions in form of text or Braille, Sign Language (SL), subtitles, and audio description allow people with hearing or visual disabilities to have access to media content.

Innovative and emergent technologies have widened the options to consume media, and this complicates the process of accessing accessibility assets.

All4Access is concentrating efforts in providing a path that guarantees a better use of the worldwide existent accessibility looking to maximize costs and opportunities for all.

Our goals are that All4Access allows:

  1. Industry sharing, exchange, and acquisition of accessibility assets.
  2. Universal access to captions in text or Braille form, SL, subtitles, and audio descriptions, no matter the country, distributor, platform, or device.
  3. Use of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality or other future second-screen innovations, to facilitate viewer access to accessibility assets of audiovisual content.
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